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You can create your relationsship and add photos in an uncomplicated manor - of course not only romantic ones.

Get the free app now!
You can create your relationsship and add photos in an uncomplicated manor - of course not only romantic ones.

More informations about the app

Essential app for any relation!

We will show you how long your relationships has been going on, at a glance! Additionally you can add anniversary and we will evoke you in a timely manor. Thus you get an overview over your most important moments and won't miss any.
If possible we will even show you some ideas for anniversary gifts!

If your relationship ends, you can set it to closed. You can undo this anytime. You can add multiple relationships so, that you can keep an eye on your relationship with your pet for example.

Our services at a glance:
  • We will show you for how long your relationship has been going on on the main screen.
  • You can manage your anniversaries through our app.
  • Personalize the main screen with your own picture as a background.
  • We will remind you of any upcomming anniversaries.
  • You can add multiple relationships
Let our app be your personal relation diary:
Every relation is unique! Therefore you can personalize our app as you like, with your favourite picture. Choose one of our backgrounds or use your own pictures.

Share your memories!
Let friends and family partake on your happiness with the share function! Share your relationship goals with you beloved ones or share them in social media.

What are you waiting for? Download our free lovely memories app now and add your relationsships now!

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